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2020 Vacation Bible School (VBS) -“Mystery Island”

Grab your sunscreen and get ready for a taste of paradise as you track down the one true God at Mystery Island!

We would love to have your children join us for this year’s Vacation Bible School at Faith Bible Fellowship Church in Big Lake, Alaska. Each day is packed with Bible lessons, songs, games, crafts and lots of other fun things throughout the days.

  • Toddlers – Ages 3 (by Aug. 31st) & 4
  • Pre-Primary – Kindergarten-1st grade (this fall)
  • Primary – 2nd-3rd grade (this fall)
  • Junior – 4th -5th  grade (this fall)
  • Senior – 6th-8th  grade (this fall)

Online registration is available online now by clicking the “Register” button above or following this link HERE. Registration is also available at the church office. Children are also welcome to register and attend at any time during the week.

Please note: On the Registration page under the “Student Information” section, you will see some important boxes to check and fill out additional information. Also if you are sending more than one child, please complete a form for EACH child. Thanks so much!


Is there just one God? . . . Who is God? . . . What is God like? . . . Does God love me? . . . Can I know God? Kids grapple with questions like these every day. Utilizing the exciting Answers In Genesis program “Mystery Island”, we’ll uncover the truth about our Creator God! There’s a sea of confusion about who God is and what he’s like, so we’ll track down the one true God and learn how amazing He is through the pages of Scripture.

Mystery Island VBS is packed with teaching that connects the Bible to the real world and gives kids a better understanding of our awe-inspiring Creator and the salvation He offers through Jesus Christ.

Each day, kids will learn more about one of God’s amazing attributes (great, almighty, ruler, Emmanuel, trustworthy) and how that applies to their lives.


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