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Faith Bible Thrive Blood Drive #3

Our first two blood drives earlier this year were a huge success so we are sponsoring our 3rd blood drive event. These blood collection efforts meet an urgent practical need in our community! Please join us to donate blood on Saturday, September 18th at Faith Bible Fellowship Church in Big Lake, AK

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For more information contact Ben H. or the church office or sign up and reserve your timeslot right now by clicking on this link:

Blood Bank of Alaska Donor Portal .

  • When: Saturday, Sept. 18th, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, (Sign up for a time slot asap.)
  • Where: Faith Bible Fellowship Church, Big Lake, AK (White building, downstairs)
  • Who:
    • Blood donors: Healthy donors as young as 16 (with Parent/Guardian permission)
    • Covid Plasma: Those who have a lab report for a positive COVID test or a test indicating COVID antibodies are present.
  • Why: Jesus gave His blood and His life for us! This is a great way to display that love buy giving a gift the can save many lives!

Learn more how to donate convalescent blood from Blood Bank of Alaska HERE. Note: You must complete required 14 day quarantine and 24 hours symptom free if you have recently experienced covid.

Only 2% of Alaskans donate blood in a year. Approximately 1 out of every 7 hospitalized patients require a blood transfusion so if you know anyone in the hospital, the chances are good you could be blood brothers/sisters. Please join us!


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