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Thrive Youth Group – 2021 Persecution

Come participate in a high-intensity outdoor event called “Persecution” where we will simulate the cold, dark corners of the world (the surrounding woods of North Star Bible Camp) as we smuggle Bibles through heavily guarded territory. 

You will need to work with your teammates to plan and execute strategies to get past the sentries with your stash of Bibles, share and maybe even hear the Gospel, endure grueling persecution until you eventually escape to return to your underground Bible delivery mission until one team wins!

We will meet at Faith Bible Fellowship Church in Big Lake, Alaska, no later than 5 :00 pm, get on buses, and leave at 5:15 PM to carpool up to Northstar Bible Camp in Hatcher’s Pass, Alaska.

Please RSVP to the church office – (907) 892-8545 or to Pastor Joel as soon as possible. Remember to bring your signed permission slips (Download Below) which can be picked up in Wednesday evening youth group or at the church office.

Upon arrival we will enjoy a provided dinner. We will listen to a short talk from our guest speaker, E.D Burns. Once it is nice and dark outside, we will begin our Persecution activity throughout the camp. Our goal is to be back at church for pickup by 11:30 PM.

NOTE: Warm clothing and shoes are encouraged. To help sneak past the guards consider wearing camouflage or darker clothing to blend in to the surroundings even more!


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