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Youth Group Summer Shoot

Faith Bible Fellowship Church Youth Group will head to a nearby shooting range to spend the day shooting shotguns and .22 caliber rifles. Please consider attending this shooting event where we will offer a refresher on how to safely handle and shoot these firearms.

Update: Below you will find a link to download a Permission Slip that will need to be filled out and signed by your parent/guardian. You can also stop by the office and grab one as well. Please bring your signed permission slip on Saturday or drop off a the office prior to this event.

We will all meet at the shooting range @ 2pm for the mandatory safety briefing.

Please call Jason B. (571) 432-8102 or the church office (907) 892-8545 for the shooting range location.

First timers are welcome to attend, we will take some extra time to ensure your handling and shooting techniques are correct. This will also be a great event to brush up on safety awareness and refine your skills for the experienced user.

You are welcome to bring your own shotgun or .22 caliber rifles. All firearms must be fully empty, magazines empty/detached and breech locked open. Upon arrival you must leave the firearm in your vehicle until it is inspected and tagged. Safety is first and foremost for this event.

Note: As this is our first official shooting gathering, we are limiting this event to the Faith Bible Fellowship Youth Group allowing us to work out the logistics and safety elements.


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