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Welcome to Faith Bible Fellowship Church streaming page. If all goes well this will be your entry point to access our streaming events via the Vimeo link(s) below. We also plan to provide streaming links on on church Facebook pages according is applicable. We are so excited to explore this new virtual opportunity. Our desire is reach out to our congregation, community and perhaps beyond, sharing God’s word, loving others and staying connected as we seek after our great God together. Blessings to you all.


This link will now take you to our Faith Bible Fellowship Vimeo page where you should find all of the live and recorded streams. If you sign up for a free Vimeo account (, go this link above and then “Follow”, you will be able to find all of our streams more easily each time. I will continue to post the individual Vimeo stream ID below for each session until we are sure everyone can get access to our streams.

Other streaming updates/improvements we are working on as fast as we can.

  • Shorten the static “welcome” screen (Intro) for each stream – COMPLETE.
  • We will start each stream approximately 10 minutes prior to the actual event start time so you may not see the stream “go live” until that time.
  • Live worship and on screen lyrics coming soon to a Sunday service near you!-COMPLETE.
  • Add a clickable end screen that will take you to our church website.

NOTE: Please check your device and Vimeo player volume settings if you are struggling to hear the audio. Also, the funeral service stream has a very long welcome page, you can skip forward to get past the welcome screen – see actual start time for this stream below

  • 03/29/20 11:00 AM – Sunday gathering recorded stream is HERE.
  • 03/22/20 11:00 AM – Sunday gathering recorded stream is HERE.
  • 03/21/20 2:00 PM – Funeral Service recorded stream is HERE. Start @ 3:21:25

Faith Bible Fellowship Church Coronavirus Statement can be found HERE.


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