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Welcome from Keith Shumway, Worship Leader

We are called to be daily worshipers as we walk through this life.  My vision for worship at Faith Bible is that we are a congregation of individual worshipers that come together on a routine basis to worship together.  We worship together in many ways, one of which is singing.

When we sing at Faith Bible, the expectation is for all to participate.  My job as worship leader and the job of the instrumentalists and worship team is not to perform for you but to facilitate the singing of God-honoring, singable, theologically sound songs that will teach us biblical principles, support the sermon and send us home with a song in our soul that we can worship with all week. 

The format of the music at Faith Bible is a mix of theologically sound hymns and contemporary newer songs.  There are many “made for radio” Christian songs, at Faith Bible the worship team does not sing TO the congregation but sings WITH the congregation, with that said, songs that are not congregationally singable are avoided.  The point of our singing at Faith Bible is worship to God and not exalting ourselves.

Leading worship at Faith Bible is an honor and I appreciate the opportunity to stand in front of you weekly and witness the goodness of God in each of your lives, to watch Him work in our congregation, and to see each of you grow in Him. 

Keith Shumway

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