14225 W Kluane Rd.
Big Lake, AK 99654
Email: info@biglakefaithbible.org

Big Lake Food Pantry

The Food Bank is a weekly ministry that helps to meet the physical needs of our community while sharing the Gospel and love of Christ with our neighbors.

For more information, you are welcome to join the Big Lake Food Pantry group on Facebook which can be found HERE. You can also call the church office  907-892-8545 or reach the Food pantry coordinator, Marlene Wright at biglakefoodbank@biglakefaithbible.org.

If you are interested in giving to help the Big Lake food pantry or other Faith Bible Fellowship church’ ministries and missions, but want more information on why we give and additional details on how you can contribute click HERE. To ensure your gift goes to supporting the Big Lake, AK Food Pantry, select “Food Bank” in the dropdown under the “to” section.

. . . . .Or you can skip the details and contribute right now via the button below.