14225 W Kluane Rd.
Big Lake, AK 99654
Email: info@biglakefaithbible.org

Youth Group Logo for Faith Bible Fellowship Church, Big Lake, AK

Wednesday Youth Group

Please consider joining our Thrive youth group on Wednesday evenings where you have an opportunity to make new friends, study the Bible, and participate in games and fun events. We offer a safe place where you can talk with a youth leader if you have questions or just need someone to listen. Contact the church (links are near the bottom of the page) if you are interested in learning more about our engaging Thrive youth group at Faith Bible Fellowship Church in Big Lake, AK.

Youth Group Logo for Faith Bible Fellowship Church, Big Lake, AK

Wednesday Thrive Youth Group Please consider joining us in person on Wednesday nights, start at 6:30 pm! We would love to meet you.

Links to contact our church or join our Faith Bible Fellowship Youth Group Social Sites are near the bottom of this page which contains more information and help you get involved. We would love to meet you!


Assemble outside near basketball court or inside dependent on weather


The evening starts off with group games that seek to get kids involved and having fun. Ultimate Frisbee is often the game of choice when outside. Other games vary from Teams Volleyball, Dodge ball, Kick ball, spontaneous water balloon battles, ….., or simply fellowship with others on the sidelines. A snack is offered as well during this time.


We begin with a time of worship and Lord willing coming soon, praising God through singing.


This is time is where a Bible lesson focusing on growing youth (and leaders & parents) in their knowledge and understanding of God. Bible lessons are primarily expository, book by book, verse by verse with an emphasis on application in our daily lives.


After the lesson the youth break into small groups where we have an opportunity to dig deeper into what was taught in the lesson, ask questions and develop an even better understanding of scripture. This special time is where the youth have time with older mentors to get personal and discuss issues with others that may be having similar issues. This time is the most cherished by our youth & leaders.


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